Looking for your next laptop? PCMag suggests MSI gaming notebook


Posted on February 17 2016

When choosing a laptop, people usually look for different information before making their final purchase decision, such as brand awareness, online reviews, suggestions from friends and etc.. By doing so, users expect to decrease the possibility of regret or getting disappointed with the purchase and to receive higher product satisfaction. However, does it work? Are you satisfied with the laptop you are using now?
PCMag is an online media which provides reviews and previews of the latest hardware and software for the information technology professional. Wanting to know the result of all these efforts, PCMag regularly asks its readers to rate the companies they think make “the best product, provide the absolute pinnacle of tech support and customer service”. These companies are then given the “Readers’ Choice Award”. PCMag readers are asked their opinions in several criteria: satisfaction with reliability, satisfaction with technical support, satisfaction with repairs and likelihood to recommend. The result of Readers’ Choice Award 2016 was released recently.
The result might be shocked to some. However, those who own a notebook launched by the award winners shall not be surprised at all – because they are just all very satisfied with the product.

According to the survey, “…readers using MSI laptops gave the company some very Apple-like ratings: Overall satisfaction was 9.1 and satisfaction with reliability was 9.0. The likelihood recommend MSI was 8.7…If you're a gamer or simply looking for a powerful laptop for home, you owe it to yourself to check out MSI. Our readers gave the company very impressive satisfaction ratings for their MSI laptops.

Source: PCMag, Feb. 9, 2016


Source: PCMag, Feb. 9, 2016

To dig further into the report, you shall find that MSI also receives honorable ratings for home use laptops, products that “most people have more involvement in purchases they make for personal use than in those made for business use”.

Source: PCMag, Feb. 9, 2016

To conclude, MSI doesn’t let their fans down at all. For those who are not yet familiar with MSI notebooks, “you should definitely give MSI a look”.

Source: PCMag, Feb. 9, 2016

*Source: Readers' Choice Awards 2016: Laptops and Desktop PCs, PCMag, Feb. 9, 2016,