3 Reasons To Use MSI VR Link


Posted on January 20 2017

When you want to play VR games, you need to access the back of your PC to connect your VR headset. This is usually annoying at best or very inconvenient at worst…

1. Easy VR Headset Installation
Thanks to MSI VR-Link, these hassles are a thing of the past! Use the VR-Link front facing HDMI port to conveniently and quickly connect or disconnect your VR headset!

2. Always get the best signal with HMDI 2.0 6GB/s redriver
The MSI VR-Link front facing HDMI port is equipped with industry leading Pericom HDMI 2.0 6GB/s redrivers. Also known as repeater IC, the HDMI redriver regenerates signals to boost the signal quality. Using equalization, pre-emphasis, and other technologies, a single redriver can adjust and correct losses at the transmitter and restore signal integrity at the receiver. This results in a cleaner, stronger and more stable signal for your VR devices, especially when using extension cables.

3. VR Software Auto- Optimization
Whenever you connect your VR, MSI GAMING Center will detect it and automatically optimize various system settings to get the best performance in your VR games. This includes ScenaMax display profiles, Nahimic audio and Mystic Light settings, overclocking, and close unused background apps. Of course, you can also adjust these settings according to your own preference.

MSI VR Link is available on all the new MSI GAMING Desktop PC: https://goo.gl/vZLCrG




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