DirectX 12 on Windows 10 brings improved gaming performance


Posted on August 17 2015

Windows 10 was launched on the 29th of July! For gamers, the most exciting feature is undoubtedly the latest version of Microsoft’s DirectX API, DirectX 12. With DirectX 12, gaming will be upgraded to a whole new level both visually and functionally. Compared to DirectX 11, DirectX 12 promises to bring higher frame rates with more efficient use of your PC’s resources. So how exactly can DirectX 12 bring such a huge increase in performance?


DirectX 12 explained

We’ll save you the technological deep-dive into the subject, it basically comes down to this: DirectX 12 will allow game developers to maximize use of your hardware resources by reducing so-called ‘overhead’ and spreading the workload more evenly across all of your CPU’s cores. To put this into numbers, Microsoft expects DirectX 12 games to reduce CPU usage up to 50% while processing the same amount of calculations, freeing up a lot of extra performance. They also indicate that GPU performance should increase by up to 20%. For gamers, this ensures not only a faster and smoother gameplay experience but also a cooler rig that can deliver more stable performance. Sounds pretty impressive to me!

A demonstration of this difference can be seen in the API overhead feature test by 3DMark:



With the increase in performance, gaming at 4K with high settings will be more accessible. In game images will be more detailed and clearer, and movement will be more fluid. While showcasing a game that makes full use of DirectX 12, Brad Wardell (CEO of Stardock) said: “If we were running DX11, you are not going to run Ashes of the Singularity at 4K, not even possible” Fully optimized, FPS can increase by an amazing 50%, which was demonstrated by the Intel demonstration in 2014 below:







Compatible Graphics Cards

Plenty of reasons to get excited about DirectX 12, but is your graphics card compatible? You can check in the compatibility table below:



Will I notice the difference right away?


Short answer: unlikely. Most games and software programs have not been optimized to use the capabilities of DirectX 12, simply because when they were created, DirectX 12 was still in development. It will take some time for new games with DirectX 12 support to launch or major updates to be released to make current games use the power of DirectX 12. Keep a close eye on tech- & game review websites, they will be sure to test and mention this!

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