Mission & Vision

“Beautiful Life” is the original intention of MSI. We have upheld “Excellent Product, Superior Quality, Perfect Service, and Customer Satisfaction” as business tenets to gain support and recognition of our customers.

  • Business: With the existing fundamental business, we expanded our business and enhanced performance by diversified management, increasing product lines and exploring new markets to pursue the profit and revenue stabilizing grow.
  • Governance: Provide staff with diversified learning ways, and to give them a safe and reassuring working environment by building up a healthy corporate culture.
  • Environment: We have adjusted ourselves in product develop and environment protect to facing and keep up with the rapidly changing weather and resource depleting day by day, starting from within and then outreaching to the social even to the world.
  • Society: We uphold “what is taken from the society, being use on the society” of mind, when on the disadvantaged groups in society to lend a helping hand, and give the necessary assistance and care.

Via strategy making and system implement, the spirit of sustainability took root inside MSI and be implemented in our daily operations and governance. “Beautiful Life, Green Homeland” is our goal as well as our commitment to stakeholders. We hope to hand in hand with customers, shareholders, invertors, staffs, community and the public in realizing the better future.