MSI Supplier Chain Conference in 2010

In the 21st century, the world will be faced with more political, economic and social problems as well as challenges and difficulties brought about by climate change. For a business to survive and even grow in such formidable environment, it must been continually innovated and modified the facets of its economic, environment and social.

To responsible to those challenges and develops, we believe fulfill corporate social responsibility and incorporate with the supplier chain by compliance with legal requirements and regulation, provide best product and service, and increase the profit is the only way to create a win-win situation for consumer, supplier chain and MSI.

Thus, we held suppliers conference in Taipei, Baan (Shenzhe) and Kunshan respectively in 2010. We explicitly declared our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, and introduced the concept of risk management, legal requirement, international treaties and convention of Environment protection as well as MSI general specification for green product in the conference. We hope to through communication and cooperation to create better future and toward the goal of sustainable environment.