MSI wins the Premium Award of “Top Green Brand 2013 in the ICT category” in Business Next Magazine

Business Next magazine have the 4th Green Brand Survey, continuous to find the green added value from more brands. The evaluation has two steps: online voting results and expert evaluation results. There are made from three perspectives: green products and services, green policies and initiatives, and green reliability to determine by incorporating two evaluation steps that overall corporate rankings. MSI wins the premium award, the parts of performances for MSI as follows:

  1. All serious of business models comply with the requirements of EU ErP and RoHS Directive.
  2. Non-toxic soy ink is used to print manuals and more than 80% of the packing materials are made of recycled paper.
  3. All-In-One PC Product Category Rules (PCR) established by MSI became a global official standard for EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and CFV (Carbon Footprint Verification).