MSI wins the Excellence Award of “Top Green Brand 2014 in the ICT category” in Business Next Magazine

MSI Assistant Vice President Wayne Chien accepted the certificate on behalf of MSI.

Business Next magazine have the 5th Green Brand Survey, MSI wins the Excellence Award in the ICT category. The evaluation has two steps: online voting results and expert evaluation results. There are made from four perspectives: green products and services, green policies and initiatives, green reliability and green marking to determine by incorporating two evaluation steps that overall corporate rankings. MSI wins the premium award, the parts of performances for MSI as follows:

  • MSI voluntarily performs internal control to provide consumers with environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Toward the goal of Green Design, Green Resource, and Green Technology.
  • Eco-design has been considered right at product R&D and design phases. All products use eco-friendly packing materials complying with the international eco regulations. Enhancing the management of green supplier chain.