MSI wins the 2014 New Taipei City Environmental Protection Education Award Corporate Group Premium Award

After the Environmental Protection Department of New Taipei City Government primary election and second election, MSI wins the 2014 New Taipei City Environmental Protection Education Award Corporate Group Premium Award, and then will be one of the corporate represents as New Taipei City to join the Third National Environmental Protection Education Award.

MSI was established with the business concept of “Excellent Product, Superior Quality, Perfect Service and Customer Satisfaction” in the fields of motherboard, multimedia, server, notebook and computer peripherals products as well as consumption electronic products promise sustainable development and production from innovating, designing, manufacturing and selling.

MSI has implemented Greenhouse Gases (GHG) inventory, Carbon footprint, Water footprint and ISO 14006 Product Eco Design to establish a complete carbon management system, synchronized environmental protection and employees’ training class.

All business activities to meet the environmental regulation and other relevant requirements, continual improvement of manufacturing process, environmental and equipment used to reduce the emission of pollutants, the consumption of natural and energy resources.

MSI Taipei, MSI Computer (Shenzhen) and MSI Electronics (Kunshan) have reduced the water consumption as a half of Taipei city inhabitants’ water consumption per capita per day, electricity consumption as 2.95 million U.S. dollars, GHG emission as 4,518 football field emission, and had got the Save Energy and Carbon Reduction Label by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Executive Yuan, R.O.C (Taiwan).

MSI has been concerning ourselves with and investigating the environmental and ecological impact of our products. Right at the beginning of product design, we have implemented related eco regulations and the requirements of eco labels for products eligible to carry corresponding eco labels to minimize the environmental and ecological impact and effect of products from production to disposal. The goal of MSI environmental education class is toward to Green Design, Green Resource, Green Technology and Green Supplier Chain.