MSI received the award of “2010 corporate citizens Top 50” in Common Wealth Magazine

“MSI Corporate Social Responsible Report 2010” has received the award of “2010 corporate citizens Top 50” in Common Wealth Magazine. Same as most of the CSR Reports worldwide, this report aligns with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G3 Reporting Guidelines, and it is composed by simplified context but various charts to state the performance about economic, environmental and social aspects in order to outline the overall picture of MSI in 2009.

Triple Bottom Lines, incorporating economic responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility, is adopted as the norm to assess whether an enterprise lives up to the CSR standards. CSR Report also possesses the function of self-improvement other than the purpose of external communication. Through editing the report assisted us to discover our weakness and develop the better action plan in the future. It also has become the best tool for external communication.

We are honored to receive the award of “Corporate citizens Top 50” in Common Wealth two years in a row. But we won’t be self-satisfied or thus to stop our steps by this. In addition to providing a better CSR Report in the future, we also expect to fulfill more Corporate Social Responsibility, and to work with every employee of MSI to create the Beautiful Life in Eco Homeland.