“Spread Warmth to Remote Villages”- MSI vs. Pingxi Junior High School Lunch Sponsorship

“I myself came from a farmer family in the rural area of Tainan County. Thus I understand very well what it’s like to be poor... What you take from the society, you give it back to the society. This is the unwavering belief of mine and MSI since its inception. We lend a helping hand to you today and hope someday you will do the same for others when you are able so opportunity and warmth can be passed on to fill our society with opportunities and warmth. This is the driving force that keeps our society go on and on.” These are the words of VP Jeans Huang of MSI R&D in his talk to Pingxi Junior High School students in May 2010.

MSI VP Jeans Huang accepted a letter of appreciation from Pingxi Junior High School principal Yo Yu-Ying Students presented their own hand-drawn cards to show gratitude

The exodus of Taiwan’s industry in recent years has led to the transformation of our industry. This ongoing trend not only impacts Taiwan’s macroeconomic structure but has also caused many social problems. Take the case of Pingxi Junior High in Taipei County, the school reported more than 1,000 students at the peak. Now it only has less than 80 students. Although the drastic decrease in student body and the exodus of local population are caused by a number of factors, the difficulty in finding a job in mountainous region that resulted in mass relocation to urban areas to seek job opportunity is also an undisputable fact. After those families have relocated themselves in the cities, the head of the household still might not be able to find a good job, or could not find any job because of his or her education level, knowledge and skills. As a result, the family runs into financial difficulty and their kid’s right to education suffers.

In recent years, MSI has become more active in child-related public welfare activities. We adopt school lunch program, set up scholarship and grant program, and form corporate volunteer group to help children, exactly because we have observed the transformation taking place in Taiwan’s socioeconomic structure. The stories of children being pulled out of school at a young age or starting to work very early in lie because of family’s financial situation are nothing new. Although we do not have the ability to provide resources to all needy families or children, we still hope to provide some kids with something within our own capacity to help relieve somewhat the economic burden of their families and to give the kids an easier time in life.

Based on the belief just described, MSI sponsors free school lunch of 164 students in Pingxi and Qinxian Junior High Schools this year. Those students are predominantly from skipped-generation, no-parent or single-parent families. The sponsorship aims to make sure those students could go to school without worrying about paying for school lunch and could receive adequate nutrition. It also aims to provide some relief to the economic burden of their families. In addition, we will start proposing after-school tutoring programs for students in Pingxi Junior High, Pingxi Elementary, Shihfeng Elementary and Jingtong Elementary by offering one-on-one tutoring to needy students. We hope this tutoring program will give those socially-disadvantaged students more educational opportunity.

Let’s all do the work so everybody can enjoy nutritious, wholesome and tasty lunch

“A bottle of milk and a lunch meal to feed the kids and warm their hearts.” A simple bottle of milk and a simple meal can help feed others and let them more warmth and compassion from the society. If our little bit of concern and little bit of mindfulness can make other people happy, we hope more people in the society will pass on this heart’s intent to let more people feel happiness.