“Fate brought us together” – MSI vs. Donation to Grace Care Association

“ Dear friends,
Our special gratitude to your concern and support for the small children at this Association. We have received your graciousness and thank you again for the concern you show us. Below is a brief introduction of our Association and a few photos depicting the scenes when your donation arrived. Thank you!”

Grace Care Association

Seeing the kids in the photo raising the rag dolls in their hands with a smiley yet camera-shy look on their face and the joy of receiving a gift, we cannot help but smile and come up with the thought that “it is so nice to help others.”

Six hundred pieces of toys and rag dolls were packed. Our love was ready to be shipped out.
Students quietly lined up to pick up a toy The shyness of facing the camera and the joy of receiving a gift all showed on the face

We held the first second-hand items donation drive in February this year. Aside from the originally specified targets, including food products, daily necessities, clothing, children’s books, illustrated books and home appliance, we also received close to 600 pieces of toys and rag dolls, including brand new rag dolls, toys and even high-priced game consoles. Our colleagues’ passionate response to the donation drive far exceeds what we have anticipated.

On the one hand, those tops and rag dolls represented love from MSI employees, on the other hand, we hoped to make the best of those items to relay the kindness of MSI employees to people who most needed it. So after talking extensively to different organizations and with the assistance and referral of Eden Social Welfare Foundation, we decided to donate those close to 600 toys and rag dolls to Grace Concern Association in Dadu Township, Taichung County.

After receiving our donation, the responsible person of the Association Chen Yue-Er sent us a letter, thanking us for our helping hands, because those common toys and rag dolls could be unaffordable luxury items to kids in economically disadvantaged families. According to Ms. Chen, Grace Concern Association started after-school tutoring for children of single-parent, skipped-generation, foreign-bride mother and low-income families. The moms and aunties in the community organize a volunteer tutor group and take turns offering after-school tutoring to disadvantaged-family children from Ruifeng, Longfeng and Ruijing Elementary Schools in the vicinity of the community.

Taiwan has lost a lot of manufacturing jobs to China and Southeast Asian countries in recent years and many families suffered as a result. According to statistics, one of every ten children in Taiwan comes from a single-parent or skipped-generation family and the number of economically disadvantaged children increase by the dozen on average every day. Perhaps we are unable to change such macro-environmental trends or change the economic condition of those families. Still we wish we could do something within our capacity by providing such families with some financial or material aid so those kids are given more opportunities and more possibilities and feel more warmth from the society.

Dadu Township in Taichung County used to be a town foreign to the great majority of us. We would see the name occasionally in news report on the procession of Deity Dajia Mazu. Now because of a little bit of heart’s intent and a little bit of kindness, we are connected to Dajia. The old saying of “Fate brought us together” pretty much refers to such circumstances.