“Friendly Pick-up Service and Warmth from MSI” – MSI Donation of Handicap Van

On June 7, 2010, a “Friendly Pick-up Service and Warmth from MSI” donation ceremony was held in the conference room of Taipei County Government, during which Rev. Zongdao of the Buddhist Compassion Relief Huai-Ren Foundation joyfully presented a plaque of appreciation to MSI Assistant VP Chien Wen-Che, thanking MSI for the donation of a handicap van to the Foundation. The donation solves the Foundation’s problem of lacking proper transportation to take its handicapped residents to school and doctors. The donation ceremony was a grand event attended by MSI representatives, recipients representing the Foundation, officers of Taipei County Bureau of Social Affairs, and a few handicapped people from the Foundation-affiliated Zhong Dao Jing Banqiao Center.
MSI Assistant VP Wayne Chien received a plaque of appreciation from Rev. Zongdao of the Buddhist Compassion Relief Huai-Ren Foundation

The Pu-Xian Building built by Huai-Ren Foundation in Sanxia was completed in April 2010. The building will be used as day care and boarding facilities for 84 mentally handicapped and multiple handicapped people. Mental handicap means significantly below-normal mental capacity accompanied with adaptive behavioral deficiency. A mentally handicapped person is obviously slow in learning, daily life activities, comprehension of surrounding environment and adaptability. For most people, moving around by taking a walk, taking rapid transit, riding bus or taking a taxi is just a matter of time and money and does not pose much difficulty. But for the mentally or physically handicapped, public facilities and public transportation currently available do not entirely meet their special needs. Thus transportation for the handicapped presents tremendous challenge in terms of money and physical strength, let alone all kinds of inconvenience encountered in the process. The construction of Pu-Xian Building addresses the boarding and care problems of the handicapped, but the transportation that could take them to see doctors or go to school was not yet solved.

While MSI seeks breakthrough in business performance, we have long been involved in public welfare activities. After the personnel of Taipei County Bureau of Social Affairs related the problem faced by Huai-Ren Foundation to us, we were touched by the long-standing efforts of the Foundation in providing quality care to the physically and mentally handicapped people and in promoting compassionate service in the society. After internal evaluation, we decided to donate a new Volkswagen T5 van to the Foundation that will solve the transportation inconvenience encountered by their handicapped residents and save them considerable transportation expenses.

The pneumatic lift and high-ceiling designs make riding a car more convenient for people in wheelchairs

Holding onto the spirit of “What you take from the society, you give it back to the society”, we have been a long participant of public welfare activities. We adopt road trees, sponsor material support for voluntary police squad and fire brigade, sponsor school lunch, offer grant for impoverished students, and hold the “Little Sunshine English and Computer Summer Camp.” In 2009, MSI employees organized a “MSI Charity Volunteer Corps”, teaching kids from disadvantaged families computer to help them acquire computer knowledge and skills.

The saying goes: “For every blade of grass, there is a drop of dew.” It means even a small grass can grow and become strong with water from a drop of dew. We will continue such spirit and play the role of a garden to the best of our ability to help those in the society who need help. We also hope the spirit of mutual care and assistance will take root in the society and be passed on. This is the most important purpose and meaning of our continuing efforts in embarking on those public welfare activities.