Donation of Supplies for the Volunteer Police

Located in the jurisdiction of Zhonghe Second Precinct, we have been expressing concern and support for the police since our headquarters was completed. Since Zhonghe Second Precinct was established, the volunteer police company has been giving them related support and assistance. Besides sharing the precinct’s workload, the volunteer police company has received approval and acclaim from different parts of society for their substantial support and assistance in maintaining local social order and traffic control. In the presence of Deputy Director Kenghui Wang of Zhonghe Second Precinct, MSI ESH & CSR Representative Wenzhe Jian donated winter vests to the volunteer police company. Company Chief Jindong Hsu received the donation on behalf.

By donating supplies to recognize their performance and give them assistance, we hope to set an example of “enterprise support for public peace”, given that enterprises thrive only in a peaceful environment. More importantly, this will benefit all citizens living in Zhonghe District.