Computer Donation for Renai Senior Citizen’s Home in Wanli

On hearing a group of old folks from Renai Senior Citizen’s Home in New Taipei City wanted to challenge new technology, MSI decided to donate MSI notebooks for them to enter the cyber age and communicate with the outside world on Double Ninth Festival’s eve. Renai Senior Citizen’s Home is affiliated to the Social Welfare Department of the New Taipei City Government. It provides a home for lowincome, homeless, or hardship-suffering senior citizens in New Taipei City to comply with the government’s “charity for the old age policy”.

Mr. Lu of Renai Senior Citizen’s Home is a master of Lineage. He was glad to have a new MSI notebook which could help him progress. Ms Mei is an active person eager to try new things. She began trying online game early this year and has bought a pre-owned laptop to travel the cyber world. On seeing the new MSI notebooks with faster networking speed and more functions, she could not wait to explore the difference. Renai Senior Citizen’s Home wishes to put these MSI notebooks in the bedroom or by the bed of elderly people who need bed rest to give them cognitive training and sensory stimulation, so as to improve care service quality. Upholding the policy and spirit to give the biggest support and assistance for charitable activities in the community within the organization’s reach, MSI repays society and people who are in need with its products.