Dream Fulfillment Fund

At MSI, CSR is always on of our major concerns. Apart from continuously participating in charitable activities, we repay society and showing concern for local school education. Wishing to help outstanding students from elementary schools and junior high schools with financial difficulty in New Taiwan City, we have donated a total of more than NT$2.68 million during 2009-12 to help students from low-income families or experiencing sudden family changes to continue schooling against adversities. We hope than with our support, they can become useful person of the country and society and continue this social requital spirit. The Dream Fulfillment Fund enables students to focus on study and ease their worries from family or personal reasons. They may suffer more than others, for this reason, they work harder and appreciate more than other students.

New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu and the donors of the Dream Fulfillment Fund. MSI Director Jack Chang (left first). New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu presented a certificate of appreciation to MSI. MSI Director Jack Chang accepted the certificate on behalf of MSI MSI Director Jack Chang (left third) and students receiving the Dream Fulfillment Fund.