Love from MSI, Benefits for Students

Since 2009, MSI has aaggressively sought cooperation on industry-government-academics cooperation and believe cooperation is power. After the cooperation’s with the Social Welfare Department of the New Taipei City Government and Chihlee Institute of Technology, we integrates resources from different parties, including New Taipei City Department of Education, National Taiwan Ocean University and Chihlee Institute of Technology to promote Homework Club for the Underprivileged Program. The program provides remedial education, homework guidance, and afterschool care for underprivileged students such as children from low- and middle-income household and single parent families or grandparent raising and no parent students. The program was implemented in the total of 10 junior high and elementary schools in the New Taipei City and benefited 430 students in 45 classes. MSI integrated powers from different parties and fully utilized resources to give these students opportunities to learn and develop individual potentials and to create a new society with mutual care, warmth, and mutual support.