Dream Fulfillment Fund

MSI is headquartered in the Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. In recent years, we have been more aggressively to maximize the synergy of the public charity effect through industry-government-academics cooperation in order to give back to theNew Taipei City in the long run. Since 2009, MSI has donated dream fulfillment funds to help students from low-income families or those experiencing sudden family changes in Wanli Dist., Jinshan Dist., Shenkeng Dist., Shiding Dist., Pinglin Dist., Wulai Dist., Ruifang Dist., Shuangxi Dist., Gongliao Dist., Pingxi Dist., Shimen Dist., Sanzhi Dist., and Bali Dist. in New Taipei City. These students are expected to continue schooling against adversities and continue this social requital spirit in the future.