“Spread the Seeds of Love” –MSI Volunteers Received Basic Training

A small seed that loves its family
It kisses the aroma of soil and embraces rain and sunshine
A small seed with tender buds
The earth nurtures it with love, flowers and butterflies accompany its growth

A small seed is growing. A small dream is flying in the sky
It flies across rivers and mountains, it flies across the blue sky and ocean
Gratitude from the bottom of heart
A small seed is growing. A small dream is flying in the sky
It flies across rivers and mountains, it flies across the blue sky and ocean
Happiness from the bottom of heart

Lyrics by Yeh Wei-hsing, music by Wang Li-ling

The MSI volunteers swung their bodies and waved their hands interjected with some dance steps following the moves of the instructor on the platform. They were a tad stiff at the beginning as they tried to pick up all the moves. But after repeated exercise, most of them could hum the music while following every step of the instructor.

Swing their bodies along with the music – the jolly good time is plain on their faces

A little girl on crutches stepped forward with her egret like thin left leg. After tremendous effort, she finally made a step and then quiveringly stretched out her right leg to take another step. Such simple movement took her considerable amount of time. Maybe because her legs were too thin, maybe because the movement was simply too strenuous for her, tears kept running down her face and she kept on yelling: “I don’t want to continue! I don’t, I don’t…” while she tried to step forward. Close to 30 viewers stared at the screen attentively. Although all the lights were turned off, you could still see with the faint light from the projector that a MSI volunteer was quietly passing out tissue paper to others

Instructor Yeh Chun-Shiu from Xiangshan Gospel Center shared her volunteer work experience Director Su Chen-Chen from Eden Social Welfare Foundation explained the content and spirit of volunteer service regulations

“…… my family was poor when I was little. My uncle would visit us from time to time and “by the way” brought with him some daily necessities such as rice and cooking oil or candies and cookies that we kids liked. After I grew up, I realize the tremendous thoughtfulness my uncle put into “by the way” bringing us those things. He said so he could help us without hurting our feelings or pride. This is why I join the company volunteer group. Aside from showing my appreciation to my uncle’s care for us, I wish to help people who need help to the best of my ability and pass on such spirit. I like to relay the warmth I have felt to other people in the society who need it.”

Volunteers shared the wonderful experience of helping others and being helped

These were the little episodes of what happened in the MSI training class on April 24 and May 1, 2010. Twenty-five MSI employees attended altogether 12 hours of training in two consecutive weeks. What kind of training curriculum would include singing, dancing, film watching, and sharing of touching stories?

With the avid support of the company, we founded the MSI Charity Volunteer Corps in 2009 and carried out the first computer teaching project targeting aboriginal children in Xindian district. After the end of the project, volunteers chanted “Encore”, “One more time.” Under the strong advocacy efforts and invitation of the “seasoned” volunteers, many “non-volunteers” decided to join the rank. The size of the MSI Volunteer Corps grew rapidly.

In light of the warm reverberation and response to the volunteer program, we decided to delve deeper into volunteer work and embark on more public welfare activities. Thus we invited social welfare groups, including Eden Social Welfare Foundation and Xiang Shan Gospel Group to provide us with basic volunteer training in the hope we would conduct volunteer work with more professional spirit and attitude. On the other hand, we hope we could continue to learn and grow from the experience of helping others.

Write down word by word the experience of others Simulation of possible scenarios

After 12 hours of training classes in two days, we learned about the professional knowledge of volunteer service, we experienced first-hand the inconvenience encountered by the handicapped people, we absorbed the life experience of others, and we shared the wonderful experience of helping others and being helped. More importantly, we become acutely aware how fortunate and how blessed we are.

Experience the inconvenience encountered by the handicapped people in games

Every person has a seed of kindness in his/her heart. Some seeds need sunshine; some seeds need rainwater; some seeds need time; and some need sparks to grow. We admonish ourselves to be the sunshine or rainwater for others, or the spark that ignite that seeds in the hearts of others to let the spirit of helping others and assisting others be passed on. Master Zen Yen says: “There are two things that cannot wait in this world. One is fulfilling filial duties to your parents and the other is doing good deeds.” Let us start in small places, let us show care for others and let us help others TODAY and NOW.

Helping others makes us laugh heartily