Volunteer to Collect Tea

It is tea harvest season after Tome Sweeping Day.After learning that TFCF Xindian was in short of labor to harvest tea, the Hiking Club recruited volunteers to travel to the remote area in Pinglin on 5 May 2012 to help local farmers to collect tea. This operation called “Volunteer to Collect Tea” has helped families needed support to maximize the economic efficiency of tea fields and to build self-confidence.

On the operation day, MSI volunteers drove to the destination located in Shangkenzi, Shangde Village, Pinglin Township. It was the first time for many of them. In the tea processing workshop, volunteers put on the basket and the bamboo hat, ready to try their virgin show. Before the harvest, Mr. Wang showed volunteers how to harvest “one-tip two-leaf”. To find the new sprout of tea leaves, volunteers carefully selected and finally collected a large amount of tea. After working for the entire morning, volunteers were happy to see their fruitful achievements. They felt happier to have helped families needed support to finish this mission.