Bali Old Age Home Reconstruction Fund-Raising Fair

The Taiwan Catholic Church Old Age Home established by the Little Sister of the Poor in 1968 is located in Bali District, New Taipei City. Over the past four decades or so, the old age home survives with the donation from different parts of society with the same belief. Over the years the building has experienced different natural disasters, earthquakes, typhoons, and sea wind weathering. The pipes and power lines inside the building are old. Water leaks very through the cracks on the building surface. In addition, as the internal space no longer complies with the new Senior Citizens Welfare Act, the old age home applied for reconstruction to the competent authorities. After learning that the old age home was raising fund for reconstruction, members of the Volunteer Club began to think how to help the old age home to raise funds. Later on, they decided to find external professional balloon makers to teach them how to make balloons on site. They also invited members of the Photography Club to help them make personalized magnet badges on site. With the instruction of external experts, through discussions, and after personal research and practice, they participated in the reconstruction fund-raising fair on 21 October 2012. At the fair, volunteers made different kinds of lovely balloons and personalized photo magnet badges for charity sale. Then, they donated all incomes from the sale to the old age home as reconstruction funds.