Volunteers for Walking and Cycling Around Taiwan Activities by Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation

"Mennonite Love Forever Walking" events for public interest and "Cycling Around Taiwan” for the elderly were held by Mennonite Christian Hospital on June 7, 2014 and on September 27, 2014 respectively. The increasingly aging problem motivated Mennonite to initiate the events. Old age population increases day by day. They took care of us; now is our turn to take care back of them. Mennonite has been devoted to the care of the elderly for a long time. "Connection service" has been offered since 1997; a "nursing home" was established in 2001. The Love Forever Walking Events was held to raise funds on the establishment of Mennonite Nursing Home. The jogging and volunteer clubs of MSI Taipei cooperated with each other to invite their friends and families to be volunteers for guide, check, and goods distribution on the event. They want to give the elderly who need care treatment a warm, relaxing, and joyful home in real actions. It was the third time to hold” Cycling Around Taiwan” for the elderly. Cycling around Taiwan, Activating old age as an appeal, a group of people at age 65 on average looked forward to more attentions on the care treatment problems for underprivileged elderly in the east Taiwan. Over 40 volunteers of MSI got involved to assist and experienced the healthy energy and willpower of the elderly in person.