MSI™ gives you Server Motherboard with Maximized Memory Capacity K8D Master 3

Latest Update: Wed, 17 Mar 2004

MSI™ , a leader in designing and manufacturing motherboards and server solutions, launches a new model of server motherboard, K8D Master 3 (MS-9161) at CeBIT, 2004.

The K8D-Master 3 is positioned in volume and performance server segment, and it is designed to offer extreme performance and solid reliability. The K8D-Master 3 can be used as cluster, front end server for web and mail, and general purpose server.

The K8D Master 3 is a powerful server motherboard enhanced from K8D Master (MS-9131), and it is equipped to support Single or Dual AMD Opteron™ Processors with 800MHz Front-side Bus. For memory configuration, this new board is designed with 12 DIMMs that can support Dual-channel Registered ECC DDR 400/333/266 SDRAM up to 24GB. The design not only maximizes K8D Master 3’s memory size, but also the numerous numbers of DIMM sockets enable users to reach big memory capacity with low-cost memory utility. The maximized memory capacity facilitates the new board to enhance data processing and improve the entire memory performance; it also makes K8D Master 3 a better fit HPC usage in high memory requirement. Furthermore, by integrating memory controller in AMD Opteron™ processor, the K8D Master 3 is capable of alleviating I/O bottlenecks, increasing system bandwidth and reducing memory latencies. The performance is more impressive in multiprocessing environment. Therefore, the memory feature makes the K8D Master 3 the best choice among other solutions.

For the other parts of design, the K8D Master 3 incorporates built-in 64-bit Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 3 64-bit/100 MHz PCI-X slots (one support ZCR--Zero Channel RAID), 2 32-bit PCI slots, and onboard ATI® Rage XL graphics (8MB). The K8D Master 3 also offers SCSI and SATA interface solutions. It supports 4 Serial ATA ports with RAID 0,1 and 0+1functions from Silicon® Image chipset, which offers a high speed data transmission and data protection[K8D Master 3-FA4R(M)].

For users who require advanced performance, the K8D Master 3 has the other option to support single channel Ultra 320 SCSI with onboard Adaptec® chipset[K8D Master 3-FS(M)]. With regards to system management, the K8D Master 3 comes with MSI™'s unique µStar® Server Managenent software bundle. The bundle software includes MMS (MSI Server Management Suite), mBMC (server management) and iConsole (MSI Server Management Software), which can be used to control the Server and Hardware Monitoring functions remotely (optional offer).

The K8D Master 3 not only offers a stable, high performance server platform, but simplified IT investment plan. By utilizing dual AMD Opteron™ processors, the K8D Master 3 can support simultaneous 32-bit as well as allowing incremental growth into 64-bit computing without sacrificing investment in existing hardware, software and training. Therefore, the K8D Master 3 server platform can expand data capacity, yielding exceptional performance on current and future applications, saving time and money for future 64-bit transitions.

MSI products lead the industry in terms of system performance, computing density, price-to-performance ratio, and high-availability requirements. MSI’s strong engineering team and technically innovative leadership support its commitment to being first to market with industry-leading technology.

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