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Latest Update: Mon, 17 Mar 2003

By revolutionizing the application and environment of traditional multimedia PCs, MSI™ will announce the MEGA PC series this March at CeBIT 2003 in Hanover, Germany. MEGA PC is a full-function multimedia PC that combines information and entertainment to offer hi-fi stereo, DVD/VCD, MP3, TV and high-performing computer functions in an infortaining component with novel appearance.

As revealed in its name, MEGA (MSI™ Entertainment Gaming Appliance) satisfies the needs of both power and game users for infotainment with various multimedia functions and high-performing calculation function. The integrated AGP 8x display and real-time 3D functions that ensure perfect video and calculation make this Pentium 4 based component ahead of ordinary PCs, so that users can enjoy uninterrupted fun of 3D PC games.

To provide higher flexibility for users, MSI™ MEGA PC will launch the market in barebones, so that users can choose CPUs, RAM and hard drives according to their real needs. With the wide range of accessories for MEGA PC including streamlined wireless remote controller, a pair of 5.2 channel hi-fi speakers, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and AM/FM antenna, users can build their own home theater with just an MEGA PC to enjoy quality DVD pictures and hi-fi stereo from the 5.1 channel speakers.

Instead of the conventional LCM panel, MEGA PC offers the revolutionary cold light panel to display the mode (MP3, CD and AM/FM), status (time and track information) and EQ mode (classical, jazz, pop, etc.) of the hi-fi stereo, in order to blend MEGA PC to your daily life.

Moreover, the 6-in-1 card reader (or floppy disk drive) equipped under the LCM panel allows you to connect digital cameras and multimedia devices to browse pictures, data and files directly on the MEGA PC. The cache control panel at the bottom of MEGA PC even offers a wide range of I/O interfaces, including USB2.0, IEEE 1394, MIC, phones, and fiber SPDIF, so that you can connect to more digital platforms and devices.

MSI™ MEGA PC will be announced at CeBIT this March. Either the brilliant orange MEGA PC based on SiS 651 chipset or the cold green MEGA PC based on VIA KM400 chipset will offer the Plus version (with onboard TV and 6-in-1 card reader functions) to satisfy your needs for infotainment.

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