2014 COMPUTEX - MSI Booth Stage Event Highlights

Latest Update: Tue, 10 Jun 2014

Taipei, Taiwan - The MSI Booth at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014 is experiencing a hot summer not only because of the weather but also because of the hot products on display and the many hosted events. This year MSI brings an extreme OC show and a casemodding 'Dream PC' show on stage to excite all of the MSI fans. All can be seen at the MSI booth at L0618 Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F.

OC Show – Not Only to Cool Down Your CPU but Your Body
The best overclockers from Indonesia, Belgium & France - Lucky_n00b, Coldest, Pt1t & Pepinorang - are presenting the most exciting extreme OC show at the MSI booth and showcase the great capabilities of the MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX overclocking motherboard. MSI OC series motherboards have an amazing set of features, catering for power users or professional extreme overclockers to get the best performance out of their system.

Aside from the overclocking demo session, the overclockers and the lovely MSI OC showgirls also demonstrate how to use LN2 to make a sorbet and let the crowd refresh and chill out a bit during the hot summer in Taiwan.

Dream PC – The Most Eye-Catching Dream PCs on display
MSI has showcased 3 casemods, MSI's so called 'Dream PCs', which are the masterpieces of some of the world's best modders, including Masbuskado (Dominican Rep.), Mhike Samsin (Philippine) and Corsaronero333 (Italy). The 3 Dream PCs are designed and equipped respectively with 3 series of MSI Motherboards & Graphics Cards - Overclocking, Gaming and Classic - thoroughly demonstrating the spirit of each series. To add more buzz, three MSI Dream Girls not only perform on stage but also interact with the audience on the booth. Those who take a picture with MSI Dream PCs & Dream Girls and shared it on Facebook are taking home exclusive MSI giveaways.