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Latest Update: Tue, 02 Jan 2001

MSI™ Award: Online 8 Ball Pool Game Contest

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Gaming Time Line:
December 27, 2000 ~ March 31, 2001

Winner Prizes:
For winner of highest score in this game will receive MSI™ coolest Socket A K7T Pro2-A Motherboard. For the second and third winners each will receives one finest CD Player. MSI™ will randomly draw 10 players from Top 100 list and each will receives one prestige MSI™ Golf Cap and one MSI™ Polo Shirt. MSI™ will also randomly draws 10 player from general pool and each will receive one MSI™ Socket A Iron Man action figure.

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Game Description:

Go Fish:
Each player has 3 fish net to catch fish before these fish net goes wet and broke. Player should catch as many fishes as they to earn highest score.

Ring Toss:
Each target item representing different points. Player uses ring to get these wonderful items. The more item you get, the more points you earn. The first 3 highest score players will even get to own their entire targeted items at the end of the event.

Each section of the dartboard represents different points. Each player has 5 chances to accumulate points. Be aware! Some sections have negative points! However, if you hit the center red section, you could get into next level.

Scoreboard List:
Each game in MSI™ Play Zone has its own Score Board and update daily.

Winner Prizes For Joining MSI™ Play Zone:
The first 3 highest score players from each game (total of 9 winners) will receive MSI™ Golden Prize: wonderful prize set that valued NT5000 dollars. MSI™ will draw 10 players from Top 200 list of each game; each winner will receives wonderful prize set that valued NT3000 dollars. For the rest players, MSI™ will randomly draw 100 players and each will receives one MSI™ Iron Man action Figure.

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