MSI™ Inaugurates Plant 3 in Chung He Satisfying the Needs for Future Capacity Growth Capacity Greatl

Latest Update: Sun, 31 Dec 2000

MSI™ announces the plant 3 in Chung He, situated next to MSI™ Headquarters, will be officially put into operation on October 2nd. Company's production capacity will be greatly increased.

Founded in August 1986, MSI™ has established a well-known position as motherboard and add-on card manufacturer. Subsidiaries and branch offices extend MSI™'s reach into global major market places including Taiwan, the U.S., Germany, France, China, Japan, Australia, and Holland. Through worldwide extended presence, global quality service and customer satisfaction is ensured. MSI™ has always been aggressively increasing its own production capacity, and growing sales success has sustained the production growth surpassing other competitors. The plant 3 in Chung-Ho is situated next to the company's Headquarters, combined with original 24 SMT production lines and 16 DIP assembly lines, The monthly production capacity in Taiwan is reaching over the 1 million unit mark, fulfilling the demands of future growth.

MSI™ has focused on the perfection of its R&D capabilities, and recruits experienced engineers in incorporating newer technology and equipment. MSI™ encourages self-R&D and continuous technology application. The main R&D policy is based on company's mid and long term development objectives, developing high value-add, high product value and market-oriented products, as well as enhancing corporate image and product quality. As result of continuous attention to the ISO-9001 quality assurance process, plus the efforts of all R&D team, MSI's product design, quality and features have been outstanding and awarded "Symbol of Excellence in Taiwan" numerous occasions, as well as been presented as the "Best Buy' and "Editors' Choice" awards throughout the world. MSI™'s products have always been the center of attention in renowned world media and magazines. Magazines such as PC Direckt, PC Magazine, CHIP, pc Professionell, ASCII DOS/V and web sites like,,, and many others have been constantly reviewing MSI™ products and each time have been convinced of MSI™ product design, quality, and performance, with recommendations on their publications.

MSI™ has clearly laid out its plans for corporate future development. Motherboard, video card, and barebone systems remain company's development core business in the near future. MSI™ has already launched its Set Top Box (STB), Windows Based Terminal (WBT), Pocket PC, and NetPC products in the year 2000. MSI™ will step into telecommunication and Information Appliance markets, diversifying product and market segments, successful.