MSI™ KT6 Delta-FIS2R Won

Latest Update: Wed, 10 Sep 2003

The KT6 Delta-FIS2R has the red PCB and features like previous recent Athlon motherboards from them. MSI™ packs the KT6 Delta Southbridge area. The VT8237 Southbridge includes two channels for Serial ATA with the connectors just above it. To the left of them is the silver Core Cell chip which we will explain in more detail shortly. The Promise chip to the ride provides IDE and Serial ATA RAID with the required ports bordering it. This gives the MSI™ the most Serial ATA ports at 4 than we have seen on a motherboard. On the right edge are color coded front panel connectors with a yellow USB connector. The VIA® chip towards the bottom provides Firewire support.

Core Cell is a diagnostic chip that MSI™ says tunes the board to an optimal state that saves power, improves performance, lessens noise, and longer duration. Here's a list of the features.

-- Diagnoses current system utilization & temperature.
-- Controls both CPU and
NorthBridge fans.
-- Cuts up to 50% of system noise.
-- Prolongs motherboard, CPU and fan life.
-- Maintains motherboard & CPU in constant temperature.
-- Prevents components from operating beyond specifications.
-- Advanced O.C. design.
-- Superior O.C. capability.
-- Greater O.C. method.
-- Saves up to 65% power.
-- Assures motherboard stability.
-- Empowers O.C Capability.

Features of CoreCell By diagnosing the current system utilization, the CoreCell™ Chip automatically tunes your motherboard to the optimal state, leading to less noise, longer duration, more powersaving and higher performance.

MSI™ has a 1 AGP and 5 PCI slot layout. To the right edge are three Firewire connectors. Audio connectors are below them. A Realtek audio chip that provides 6 channel audio is below the 4th PCI slot. Below the AGP slot is the bios and Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet chip. The bios batter is below the 2nd and 3rd PCI slot.

The IO ports include the usual keyboard, mouse, printer, serial, USB, and sound ports. There are 6 USB ports however, and one has the Ethernet port stacked on it.

MSI™ includes drivers, utilities, and many programs on the included CD.

The KT6 Delta comes with full documentation for the motherboard and a separate Serial ATA manual. The full manual is excellent and is also available in pdf format on the web.

Stability and Compatibility
We ran into no stability problems when testing the MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R with our standard test bed.?We did not experience one crash during out tests.? We also saw no issues with compatibility when using our test components.

The board comes with plenty of connectors including Firewire, USB, SPDIF, 4 Serial ATA ports, and IDE cable. The USB cable also includes the 4 LED diagnostics.

The Good Stuff
The MSI™ KT6 Delta-FIS2R is packed with hardware features including Serial ATA, Serial ATA RAID, PATA RAID, 6 channel audio, diagnostic LEDs, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, and Core Cell. The board also includes good overclocking options, great performance, and was very stable. The software bundle is also an excellent one, and the documentation is excellent.

MSI™ has kept their tradition of solid Athlon motherboards alive with the KT6 Delta-FIS2R. This board is packed with features and brings two firsts to the table. Four Serial ATA ports and their Core Cell technology. It will be interesting to see how Core Cell performs. The KT6 Delta also has great performance and stability along with good documentation and a nice software bundle. MSI™ has raised the bar for KT600 motherboards with the KT6 Delta-FIS2R, and it is our top board based on the chipset we have tested so far.

Score: 99


  • SATA and PATA IDE RAID, 4 SATA ports
  • excellent stability, top performance
  • sweet software bundle
  • good overclocking features
  • Core Cell
  • 6 channel audio, Firewire, diagnostic LEDs

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