Tom's Hammer in Town,VGA Mainstream No.1 Choice - MSI™ FX5600-VTDR128

Latest Update: Thu, 17 Jul 2003

Outstanding Cost / Performance among 28 NVIDIA® & ATI Competitors
Did Tom say MSI™? Sure he did. This year, MSI™ FX5600-VTDR128 is honored as the No.1 choice in the mainstream VGA currently among 28 NVIDIA® and ATI competitors by the Tom's Hardware Guide website- the most credible hardware guide online. MSI simply delivers the best gaming graphics for all the gamers!!

The laureate honor from Tom's Hardware Guide is an important approval for MSI™'s dedicating engineering process and design techniques.

The Recommendations You Cannot Miss for MSI™ FX5600-VTDR128:

Solid 3D Performance

- The Best C/P Ratio left all the 28 NVIDIA® & ATI Competitors far away behin

T.O.P. TECH Cooling System
- The Practically Silent Cooling Fansink / Merely 25 (db)

Extensive & Extraordinary Software Bundle

- Live Update 2 (automatic check for, download and installation of new BIOS files and drivers)
- MSI™ Secure Doc (file encryption utility)
- MSI™ GoodMem (a tool to flush the system memory)
- MSI™ LockBox (security software which allows the user to lock the computer when he or she leaves the workstation)
- MSI™ WMI Info (a system information tool)

More than Just a Media Center / MSI™ Media Center Deluxe II

- Entire PC Program Control (program launching, videos, music, radio, picture viewer, TV (Video-In)).
- Easy Navigation when the PC is hooked up to a TV by TV-Out.
- Completely Remote Controlling the Media Center software

MSI™ FX5600-VTDR128

Tom's Hardware Guide
Laureate Honor

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