MSI™ Server Division Entry to Advanced Application Domain Reliability from Stability

Latest Update: Fri, 10 Nov 2000

Seeing the rapid growth of computer application and the inability to satisfy the multidimensional needs of ordinary PCs, MSI™ officially establishes the Server Division after a one-year-long preparation to offer professional services for all customers with high determination. Despite concentrating on the R&D of various new products, we will provide professional services to all customers with total devotion. Our latest extra-value and stable professional servers for total enterprise solutions will be displayed at the Comdex Fall 2000, including 1U/2U Appliance Server, 2-Way General Purpose Server, Window-based Terminal and Net PC.

MSI™ has the most powerful R&D team, and we invest considerable R&D labor on each product and attach to our product commitments. Each year we invest huge R&D fund to develop the most professional and reliable products. The strictest demand has been put on various advanced level professional servers which all for stability to maintain enterprise operations. Products we will introduce to the market include workstation, Window-based Terminal, Net PC, 1U/2U Rack Mount Server Appliance and Generic Server Board Solutions, to provide once for all service that satisfies the customer needs for servers of various functions. To enterprises asking for quality and stability, MSI™ professional servers will mean a both a guarantee and enhancement to their work.

The need for Linux OS on IA is increasing, and embedded Linux is almost a standard feature to all kinds Internet commutation products or servers. The small memory requirement, high efficiency and outstanding stability of Linux make it the best choice for single-purpose server. MSI™ Server Division enters into cooperation with the professional embedded Linux R&D expert Axtronics Inc. to seek greater development for Linux solutions.

At Comdex Fall 2000, we will display the full-function embedded Linux server EcommerceStar 3000. It has integrated OS, server and applications to provide total solutions for enterprises, small to medium enterprises, in particular. In addition, MSI™ pays extra attention to simplify installation, operation and management of all systems, and remote management and online version upgrade are included. All MSI™ servers are MS Windows® compatible, so they are ideal choices for small to medium enterprises.

As a professional quality and efficient product manufacturer, MSI™ equips all extra-value tools to the high-performance systems to satisfy the computer pro's needs for efficiency and high performance. Hence, through the cooperation with technical support from Axtronics, we believe each MSI™ server must satisfy the diverse needs of all enterprises.