MSI debuting all-new Military Class III motherboard and graphics cards at Computex 2012
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Latest Update: Tue, 05 Jun 2012

(Taipei – Taiwan) The world-renowned motherboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI will be displaying all new motherboards equipped with Military Class III components at booth L0810 in the Nangang Exhibition Hall for Computex 2012, held in Taipei from June 5 thru 9, 2012. In addition to showcasing Intel X79, 7-Series chipset and AMD new generation Trinity APU motherboard; MSI will also display the Lightning, Hawk and Power Edition series graphics cards. All these products equipped with components passed through rigorous MIL-STD-810G testing performed by third-party laboratories, to provide top quality and stability for users. MSI will serve as the debut of the all-new X79/Z77 MPower motherboards, which have passed three rigorous overclocking burn-in tests, bringing an all-new desktop computing experience to users. MSI will also display the AMD series motherboard A85XA-G65, which is the first to import the Hybrid Digital Power architecture, providing users with richer overclocking control options. With the pending release of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, MSI will also display motherboard products brought by Fast Boot and Secure Boot technologies. MSI will display the all new GTX 680 lightning features with exclusive Unlocked Digital Power architecture, and the HD 7870 Hawk with performance that rivals the flagship Lightning will also be on display. The Power Edition series with Triple Overvoltage and Enhanced Power design; furthermore features with Twin Frozr IV thermal design with Dust Removal technology and exclusive Propeller Blade technology; and the industry's first TransThermal design allows additional fans to be added as necessary. Software aspect, Futuremark®, the world leader in performance benchmarking software and MSI will display world's first look at 3DMark for Windows 8 featuring DirectX 11.1 effects with GTX 680 Lightning! We welcome you to visit MSI's booth to experience them personally at Computex 2012.

MSI Military Class III products – Top Quality & Stability
At Computex 2012, the MSI booth will display a variety of motherboards equipped with Military Class III components including the Big Bang-XPower II which has set many world records, along with the debut of the MPower-series, AMD FM2-series, and Z77A-GD80; the Lightning, Hawk and Power Edition series graphics cards. Continuing MSI's persistence on product stability and durability, the MSI motherboards all uses Military Class III components. These components have all passed through rigorous MIL-STD-810G testing performed by third-party laboratories, including extreme temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, and dropping etc. totaling 7 tests, allowing MSI Military Class III component motherboards to become the synonym of highest quality and stability. In addition, the Z77A-GD80 motherboard, which is the world's first to have a built-in Thunderbolt interface, will also be displayed; its two-way bandwidth which reaches up to 10Gb/s allows users to transfer HD content within seconds! Also on display is the Z77A-GD65 motherboard which recently received the "Certified" award by world-renowned media Tom's Hardware. This complete lineup of MSI motherboards and graphics cards meets the needs of the entire spectrum of computer users from around the world!

All new MPower series – Change the Game of Overclocking
Computex 2012 will also serve as the debut of the all-new X79/Z77 MPower motherboards. The MPower motherboards implement the "OC Certified" and "OC-in-Warranty" which means they have passed rigorous testing to provide for a safe overclocking guarantee. MPower motherboards have been put through a strenuous burn-in test with the CPU operating under high overclocked speed, and have been subject to hours of continuous stress-testing under water cooling, allowing the motherboard to maintain high stability under overclocking operations. By choosing MSI MPower motherboards, users can not only benefit from the performance increase brought by overclocking, but can also enjoy the high system stability provided by MSI motherboards with this industry-first testing process.

A85XA-G65 – the first MSI AMD motherboard equipped with Hybrid Digital Power
On display at Computex 2012 is the A85XA-G65 motherboard with support for the all-new AMD Trinity APU. With the inclusion of Military Class III components, this is the first MSI AMD chipset motherboard equipped with Hybrid Digital Power design that provides the highest quality and stability. This power infrastructure allows precise voltage adjustment options for overclocking, achieving better performance via stability. The board also includes MSI's exclusive one second overclocking technology OC Genie II, allowing users to increase system performance within the shortest time.  

MSI motherboards fully support Windows 8
Also, Microsoft's all new Windows 8 operating system is about to be released; MSI will display a corresponding motherboard that fully supports Windows 8 in the exhibition! In order to display MSI's excellent R&D ability and system compatibility, the exhibit will also display MSI motherboard products that support the new generation operating system Window 8's Fast Boot and Secure Boot technologies. You are welcome to experience them on site!

World's First exposure GTX 680 Lightning and 3DMark for Windows 8
MSI is putting new HD 7970 (P/N:R7970)/ GTX 680 (P/N:N680GTX) Lightning and HD 7870 (P/N:R7870) Hawk and display. The Unlocked Digital Power architecture's Unlocked BIOS, digital PWM chip and improved power supply design greatly increases overclocking potential. The exclusive GPU Reactor power supply back plate is a patented design that increases the power to the core, reduces power supply noise and enhances overclocking stability. Futuremark®, the world leader in performance benchmarking software, once again partners with MSI to showcase the latest version of the 3DMark at Computex after unveiling 3DMark 11 together at Computex 2010. 3Dmark for Windows 8 DirectX 11.1 tech demo will be shown publicly and will be powered by MSI’s flagship GTX 680 Lightning graphics card.

All New Twin Frozr IV and TransThermal Cooling
The Power Edition graphics cards on display supports MSI's exclusive Triple Overvoltage function and improved power supply for increased overclocking potential. On the cooling front, Twin Frozr IV and TransThermal both incorporate the exclusive Dust Removal technology. The fans automatically run in reverse every time the system starts up to remove any dust build-up and maintain optimal cooling performance. The HD 7850 Power Edition (P/N: R7850 Power Edition 2GD5/OC) and GTX 670 Power Edition(P/N: N670GTX PE 2GD5/OC) cards are equipped with the Twin Frozr IV thermal design including Propeller Blade technology, dual temperature-controlled fans and SuperPipe technology for the best balance between temperature and noise. As for the HD 7770 Power Edition (P/N: R7770 Power Edition 1GD5/OC) and HD 7750 Power Edition (P/N: R7750 Power Edition 1GD5/OC), the innovative TransThermal design allows additional fans to be added as necessary. Apart from supporting Propeller Blade and Dust Removal as well, the single fan module can be upgraded to dual-fan "Double Airflow Mode" for increased air flow and better GPU cooling. Two fans can also be mounted side-by-side in "Dual Fan Mode" to increase the cooling coverage and reduce component temperatures.