MSI Megabook GX600
Recommended Product from PC Today magazine in Spain

Latest Update: Tue, 06 Nov 2007
The MSI notebook Megabook GX600 has been awarded "Recommended PC Today" by the prestigious Spanish magazine.

The following text is copy from the original magazine´s text

This laptop is one of those models that demonstrate a superior gaming experience even on the go. Games would run with a more than acceptable performance in this type of computers.

Nothing short to show on this laptop, with a design quite aggressive because of the drawings of flames that are in your case, and we realized that it is aimed at those users who seek the best return on your PC... included with the games.

The specifications on this team are pretty good, especially the three components that are key in the performance: processor, graphics card and memory ...

With regard to the graphics card, everything that can be said is excellent because one of the reasons that this laptop is designed for is to play. The model included a GeForce 8600GT with 512Mb and compatible with DirectX10. Its performance is very good, and a prime example is that with Company of Heroes, at a resolution of 1.280 x 1.024 pixels and filters antialiasing and anisotropic to 4X, the number of frames per second comes to 38.7 FPS, that is nothing short of impressive.

Another reason that make this product MSI a perfect model for play or run any kind of software is its Turbo button. This is located at the top left, just above the keyboards. What happens when pressed is that the machine forces components (overclocking) in a controlled manner and therefore increasing the performance of the PC ... an element to take into account. And there's nothing to worry about as it's controlled.

Finally, it is important to say that the laptop is perfectly equipped, as the TFT screen is of a very good quality and the wireless adapter is compatible with the new standard 802.11n. It also includes a web-cam 1.3 Mega pixels and a Hard drive of 250Gb.

If you are just looking for a PC that will allow you to play at the best experience even on the go, you undoubtedly want this laptop! We would surely recommend it for any performance-seeking users. Its performance is more than excellent with the type of software one would intend to run (say, games), or just about anything else you would want to run at a fast pace. In short, it is a perfectly equipped machine that would run (faster) safely, quickly and easily.