MSI™ unveils new G4MX440 graphic accelerator ~ Based on nVIDIA®'s most advanced GeForce4™ MX440 grap

Latest Update: Tue, 05 Feb 2002
MSI™, a professional manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and multimedia peripherals, today announced the new G4MX440 graphic accelerator based on nVIDIA®'s latest and the most advanced GeForce4™ MX440 graphics engine. The graphics engine can deliver up to 1.1 billion samples per second fill rate and 6.4GB/sec effective memory bandwidth. The new G4MX440 features the 256-bit core technology, 270MHz core clock speed, 400MHz memory speed and 64MB DDR memory. Equipped with the new nVIDIA® nView™ Technology and second generation Lightspeed Memory Architecture™II, the G4MX440 sets a new benchmark for mainstream graphics performance and should appeal to those end users demanding high-performance GPU. If you play computer games or you demand more of your computer, you must get the bleeding-edge graphics technology on your PC with the new G4MX440 graphics accelerator.

GeForce4™ MX440 Chipset features:

NVIDIA® nView™
Display technology provides the ultimate display flexibility and user-friendly control.

NVIDIA® Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ (LMA) II
Increases memory bandwidth efficiency for unmatched performance.

NVIDIA® Accuview Antialiasing™
Delivers unbeatable visual quality and frame rate.

Following are some of the main features of the powerful G4MX440:
MSI™ Dual VGA Output (G4MX440-VTP):
with the highest quality dual VGA output function.
Hardware Monitoring:
this feature helps to detect the status of your graphics cards and to prevent any problems might occur, reducing the risk of system damage.
the unique "Twin-BIOS in one chip" design is another great feature that makes BIOS failure almost impossible and it is "Boot-Up Guaranteed!!"
Full-function VIVO:
with Video-input and TV-out functions, you can enjoy playing PC games on your TV, watching DVD movies and you can edit your video easily.

On top of its pure performance and breathtaking speed, MSI™'s G4MX440 graphics card also includes the best software bundle, adding more features to the already powerful card. The software bundle includes:

You can use this great program to capture and edit video, arrange the clips into an easy-to-access menu, and then burn the finished collection onto your VCD media to share, store, and keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

WinProducer™ MPEG-1/2 Movie Editor:
it is an easy-to-use solution that makes editing your home video on your PC very simple and enhancing your video with titles, narration, background music and transition effects extremely easy. Your home videos will look like they were done by a real professional.

MSI™ provides this unique and customized DVD playback software, ensuring easy DVD application as well as allowing the users to enjoy DVD movie playbacks.

Live VGA Driver™ & Live VGA BIOS™:
VGA Live BIOS™ is the latest innovation from MSI™. It will detect the current BIOS version on the card and auto-update the bios from MSI? website. This function is fully supported under Windows® environment. MSI™ Live VGA Driver™ is a useful and powerful application for you to download and update the device drivers automatically. You do not have to spend much time in searching the whole website to find the drivers you need.

3D! Turbo™ Advanced:

Brand-New users interface; bring you more convenience & fun for Overclocking.

This function provides a powerful and user-friendly interface, and automatically detects DDC2B supported video mode. Its protection feature allows the current setting to return to the previous one if not functioning in 10 seconds.

The "Control" function allows users to adjust memory frequency, meeting the demand for higher working frequency environment.

The eight desktop selections allow users to group icons of similar function workgroups together, simplifying desktop management.

Supreme Valuable Bundling Game Pack

No One Lives Forever (Full Retail Version): Full 10 score for sound & overall, Top action game (
Aquanax (Full Retail Version): Full 10 score for graphics, NV25 optimized, just released exploratory action game ( Bringing 3D To Its Knees (Tom's Hardware Guide)
Sacrifice (Full Retail Version): Full 10 score for overall title, excited RPG (
7-in-one Game Collection (Light Version): Top games pack including~ Ballistics, Tony Clancy's Rogue Spears -Black Thorn / Ghost Recon, Comanche4, Fallout Tactics, Swat 3, Serious Sam.

If you would like to learn more about our new G4MX440 graphics accelerator, please go to MSI™ website at