MSI™ Launch New Intel® 845GE-based Motherboard 845GE Max

Latest Update: Tue, 08 Oct 2002


845GE Max P4 DDR motherboard is a new member of MSI™'s Pentium® 4/533MHz range. It's designed for the latest Pentium® 4 processors at 533MHz with MSI™'s powerful and quick R&D capability.

By integrating the latest 845GE integrated chipset from Intel® to the USB 2.0 ICH4 south bridge with MSI™'s exclusive optimization technology, 845GE Max supports the latest Pentium® 4 processors at 533MHz and the maximum of 2GB of DDR333 (PC2700) SDRAM with two DDR DIMMs. Huge data transfer is speed up between the system and USB 2.0 devices with a transfer rate of 480Mbps, which is 40 times faster than that of USB 1.1.

Besides one AGP 4x slot and six standard PCI slots, 845GE Max is equipped with 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN controller (Optional) for network connections. Advanced users may add MSI™'s exclusive D-Bracket™ 2 module (Optional), Live Update™ 2 and Fuzzy Logic™ 4 utilities to facilitate hardware operation and maintenance and enhance the overall performance of 845GE Max.

Hyper-Threading Technology ---
845GE Max comes with the latest and revolutionary Hyper-Threading technology from Intel® which enables multiple thread execution on individual processors to extensively enhance transaction rate, reduce response time, and improve the performance of commercial and e-commerce applications.

PC2PC™-Bluetooth (Optional) ---
MSI™'s wireless kit PC2PC™-Bluetooth (optional) allows users to enjoy wireless communication with mobile phones, DVs, PDAs and Notebook PCs equipped with Bluetooth functions and even deploy a wireless LAN with platforms offering PC2PC™-Bluetooth functions.

D-Bracket™ 2 (Optional) ---
this hardware debugging module allows users to locate common system errors with 16 combinations of LED indicators for quick troubleshooting without opening the case.

Live Update™ 2 ---
it integrates MSI™'s Live BIOS™, Live Driver™, Live VGA BIOS™, Live VGA Driver™ and Live Utility™ into one single utility for automatic BIOS and Driver update. Advanced users may set the time for automatic BIOS, Driver and MSI™ Utility updates and receive the latest information about MSI™ products and activities to enjoy support from MSI™.

Fuzzy Logic™ 4 ---
this optimal speed adjustment utility allows advanced users to adjust CPU clock speed, ratio and Vcore of AGP, either manually or automatically, for optimal system performance.

it selects the optimal connection speed for cable modem or xDSL devices with Internet connection monitoring and system clock alignment over the Internet.