MSI DR16-B3 The 16x16 DVD Dual Drive with 8x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R Dual-Layer Technology

Latest Update: Thu, 08 Sep 2005


Taipei , Taiwan - In such an advanced era, MSI has generally kept pace with the demands for developing cutting-edge products. As users face a labyrinth of choices everyday, MSI is driven to provide the best possible solution for its consumers. Today, MSI proudly introduces its latest 16x16 DVD Dual-Layer writer - DR16-B3, which provides hyper-speed DVD recording in about 6 minutes! It's absolutely great for backing up heaps of information and data archiving in a flash.

The MSI DR16-B3 offers impressive features and powerful specifications; it allows user to work at either 16x DVD+R or 16x DVD-R hyper-speed recording. It also supports DVD+RW and DVD-RW rewriting speed of 8x and 6x respectively. Likewise, the DR16-B 3' s Buffer Underrun Error Prevention technology helps reduce the recording failures caused by insufficient data transit buffer; thus, ensuring perfect data recording. In addition, the DR16-B3 MiniFormT short form factor is designed to enable easy installation.

Moreover, the DR16-B3 can record a Dual-Layer media known as DVD+R9 and DVD-R9 type s of 8 x and 4x respectively, recording at nearly twice the capacity of any other prior DVD writers which support only Single-Layer 4.7GB media. Users can record a DVD quality video up to 4 hours and VHS quality video up to 16 hours .

Along with DR16-B3 is one of MSI's unique features - Live UpdateT 3, a viable application for updating the latest firmware through the internet. The MSI Live UpdateT 3 assures the drive media compatibility and enhances the drive performance and stability, keeping your DR16-B 3 in its most favorable operating condition.

The DR16-B3 drive is bundled with popular Nero Express software, users can wholly enjoy the benefit of high performance multimedia editing. For more product information, please visit

* 6 minutes - Actual performance may vary with different media types
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