Break Through FSB1400 MSI™ 848P Neo is the most Spectacular motherboard

Latest Update: Wed, 27 Aug 2003

MSI™ 848P Neo could easily conquer summit of FSB1400, proving its ascendancy. Obtain extra performance by dramatic overclocking.

Just install FSB800 Intel Pentium4 and qualified DDR400+ memory, then enter MSI™ CoreCenter™ and enable click on corresponding memory type on OC Menu™. OC Menu™ will automatic adjust relative optimized parameters for performance platform.

With vendor sorted and guaranteed memory modules, FSB800 P4 CPU could be overclocked up to around 3.4GHz. But 3.4 GHz was ceiling of most FSB800 P4 CPU beside most selective 3.2GHz P4. All results were achieved under ordinary air-cooling.

Red zone stands for unstable or crash.
O.C Menu CPU Bus Memory Voltage 2.4G 2.6G 2.8G 3G 3.2G
DDR 433 216 2.75V 2.592G 2.808G 3.024G 3.24G 3.456G
DDR 450 225 2.75V 2.7G 2.925G 3.150G 3.375G 3.6G
DDR 466 233 2.85V 2.796G 3.029G 3.262G 3.495G 3.728G
DDR 500 250 2.85V 3.0G 3.250G 3.5G 3.75G 4.0G

Benchmark Results:

Testing Configuration
M/B Model 848P Neo-S
Chipse Intel® 848P
BIOS Version AMI a6788IMS.108
Chipset Driver Intel® inf
CPU PentiumR4 2.4GHz(FSB800)
RAM Geil PC4200 DDR SDRAM 256MB*2(CL=3)
VGA Geforce4 Ti4600(MS-8872)
H.D Maxtor D740X-6L 40GB (Ultra ATA/133,7200PRM)
OS Windows XP SP1 English version 2002
Display Mode 1024*768 16Bit @85Hz
VGA driver Version Detonator 44.03
DirectX driver Version Direct X 9.0a(4.09.0000.0901)

The following table shows you the memory modules that can pass through our testing with OC Menu including DDR433(PC3500), DDR 450(PC3600), DDR 466(PC3700) and DDR 500(PC4000). All these memory modules below was selected and vendor-guaranteed for overclocking. Default Voltage was recommend by memory vendors.

Vender Model Size Default Voltage
DDR 433(PC3500)      
GeIL GL2563500UPUltra 256MB 2.85V
GeIL GL2563500UP Ultra Dual CH 256MB 2.85V
GeIL GD3500-512DC Ultra 256 MB 2.85V
OCZ OCZ433256EL Ultra 256 MB 2.75V
DDR 450(PC3600)      
ADATA ADD8608A8A-4.5B 256 MB 2.75V
DDR 466(PC3700)      
TwinMOS TMD7608F8E43B 256 MB 2.85V
OCZ OCE466256P 256 MB 2.85V
GeIL GL2563700P 256 MB 2.85V
DDR 500(PC4000)      
ADATA HY5DU56822BT-D43 256 MB 2.85V
Kingston KHX4000/256 256 MB 2.65V
Kingston KHX4000/512 512 MB 2.65V
GeIL GL5124000DC 256 MB 2.85V
GeIL GL1GB4000DC 512 MB 2.85V

Read full story at MSI™ technical express webpage:

848P Neo
MSI™ 848P Neo support Intel next generation processor Prescott. 848P Neo was designed to meet latest Intel mainstream FSB800 platform in 2004. 848P Neo equips MAT (Memory Acceleration Technology), delivering up to extra memory performance under Turbo and Ultra Turbo mode. D.O.T. (Dynamic Overclocking Technology) was MSI exclusive technology to boost CPU performance while the system utilization is high.

848P Neo-FIS2R also features OC Menu, the exclusive memory tweaking technology, was fully developed to support DDR400+ memory modules. By comprehensive validation of over 67 DDR400+ memory modules, MSI™ concluded best parameters for DRAM voltage, Vio and other BIOS settings.

Color install is another feature that MSI™ introduce in this motherboard. Pin header of the same function will be identified with the same color, by annotation aside. User can easily install cable from housing without confusion.

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