PC World Reviews the GT80 Titan SLI

Latest Update: Tue, 14 Apr 2015
  • Region: US
  • Subject: PC World Reviews the GT80 Titan SLI
  • Media: PC World
  • Date: 17th Mar, 2015
  • Video URL: here

PC World has released their review of the GT80 Titan SLI giving it high praises for its performance and features.


  • “MSI tapped famed keyboard maker SteelSeries for a plank using genuine Cherry MX switches with replaceable keycaps. Even the most jaded laptop user will break out in a smile after hammering out a few sentences on the MSI's mechanical keyboard which imparts a solid feel.”
  • “As someone who takes the supremacy of desktop graphics over mobile as an article of faith, it's a reality check to see the SLI 980Ms open such a sizable performance gap over the single GeForce GTX 980 card.”
  • “As to Nvidia's claims that the GeForce GTX 980M offers "80 percent" the performance of the GeForce GTX 980? We can confirm that, as the GT80 Titan gave us about 80 percent of the gaming performance of the AVADirect X99 rig with its pair of 980 cards. In the parlance of our times, the appropriate phrase is: Dayum.”