MSI enhances performance of 865PE/G Neo2 series with release of MAT

Latest Update: Fri, 20 Jun 2003

MSI™ disclosed M.A.T. under extant Performance Mode

SiSoft Sandra RAM Bandwidth (Integrated):4496-->5069
SiSoft Sandra RAM Bandwidth (Float):4474-->5071


Users of Micro-Star International (MSI™) 865PE/G Neo2 series motherboards now have an opportunity to upgrade performance. With a simple BIOS update, MSI™ has made its proprietary Memory Acceleration Technology (MAT) available to users of this high-end board supporting the latest 800MHz FSB (front-side bus) Pentium® 4 CPUs. MAT optimizes the data transfer rate between the CPU, north bridge chip and memory, enhancing memory performance and effectively increasing bandwidth by up to 10%.

This new technology builds on the concepts of simplifying data transfer between the CPU and north bridge chip, while maintaining data integrity, and shortening the interval between data transfer cycles. Because MSI™ was in the process of testing memory modules, the technology was not available at the time of the launch of the 865PE, towards the end of May. Following extensive testing and the fixing of effective timing parameters, MSI™ has now added this to its arsenal of technology that includes the Dynamic Overclocking Technology (DOT) used to optimize CPU frequency.

MAT adds Turbo and Ultra-Turbo options to the BIOS's Frequency/Voltage Control Performance Mode. Without being able to guarantee compatibility with all brands of memory modules, MSI™ has established slightly more conservative memory timing optimization parameters for the Turbo mode, with more critical settings for the Ultra-Turbo mode. If the modes do not work, MSI™ recommends reverting to the Fast or Slow mode.

The screenshots below, provided by MSI™, show the performance improvement attained by switching from Slow to Ultra-Turbo mode, as measured by a popular benchmark testing software. The specifications of the test machine are listed in the table following the screenshots. The company claims a 10% memory bandwidth increase from 4.5GB/s up to almost 5.1GB/s.

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