MSI GS30 Shadow gets a Recommend Award in Noticias 3D , Spain

Latest Update: Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Actually we cannot have too many complaints from GS30 or the dock 2M Shadow. Both devices fulfill their function. For one, the laptop consumes little, generates little heat and noise, is thin and portable, plus powerful and fast, all you could want from a laptop. On the other hand, the dock is not excessively large, adds graphical power, audio and extra connections to maximize laptop, in addition to becoming a hub of entertainment that can leave fixed in our house.

Maybe, only have a dock to play is crazy; but after seeing that device; how useful , effective and powerful is, you can understand why MSI has chosen it. The premise is that we can take our laptop anywhere using their size, but thanks to the dock will not sacrifice the graphics power that the format of GS30 greatly limited.

- We can take our thin and light notebook almost everywhere
- Connecting it to the dock, we amplifie graphics performance