MSI GS60 3K wins the Gold Award at Profesional Review

Latest Update: Mon, 02 Feb 2015

This media "Professional Review" makes very elegant, technical and professional review with very good pictures from the NB.

First of all they introduce our Notebook saying that MSI is one of the bests GAMER manufactures in System and Components market. They show and explain what is included, and what we can find inside the box. They highlight what are the most important features and specs that this notebook have and makes end-users have good Videogames experience. MSI GS60 has stood the test successfully at both levels, gaming results and graphic design. It looks fabulous with its brushed aluminum body and weight less than 2KG .

Regarding the hardware it is very complete and he consider that is a really success include the new generation of graphics cards with GTX970M 3GB and 16GB of RAM. As regards the evidence they have had a very good result in FULL HD resolution , since 3K is unthinkable start games on a portable system. With an average of 40/45 FPS in current titles and Cinebench R11.5 benchmark as a score of 7 points. In short , if you're looking for a good laptop and you have an unlimited budget the MSI GS60 is an excellent choice