Good unboxing review for MSI MSI GT72 2QE

Latest Update: Wed, 04 Feb 2015
  • Region: Spain
  • Subject: Good unboxing review for MSI MSI GT72 2QE
  • Media: Clipset
  • Date: Dec 22th , 2014
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- Summary
GT72 2QE This media "Clipset" is one of the most important medias/blog in Barcelona.
They have one of the most important newspaper and hardware media and a Youtube channel with 496.908 subscribers.
As previous unboxing, they keeps doing a very complete and detailed unboxing and review product, this time with our GT72.
They talk about GT72 NB technical features, specs and they show each Notebook detail so, they let end-users know how the GT72 design is.

  • They open the GT72, mentioning high speed on booting Windows 8,1 thanks to SSD
  • First laptop GPU hitting 10.000 on 3D Mark Benchmark
  • They describe all the connections
  • A model compatibility with four more screens
  • The amount of ventilation slots and how end-user can activate it
  • Audio Subwofer
  • Dragon Gaming center
  • Auto configuration Keyboard illumination, they show how to make it, explaining software included.
  • Full HD screen