MSI™ Is Showing a Full Range of Product Lines in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2001

Latest Update: Wed, 09 May 2001

Date: Jun. 4~8, 2001
Booth No.: Hall 2, F212

The third largest computer shows in the world, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2001, will be held from June 4 to June 8 this year. Well known for its selection, innovation and quality, COMPUTEX TAIPEI attracts computer shoppers from around the world. MSI™, featuring a full range of product lines, will display several of our latest products in Hall 2, Booth F212. New motherboard products featured will include models based on Intel®'s 850 and 815EP chipsets, plus models based on AMD, VIA® and SiS®'s latest chipsets. In the graphics accelerator arena, MSI™ will be introducing our new VGA card based on nVIDIA®'s GeForce 3™ processor. In platform solutions (bare bones systems), MSI™ will be introducing our new Server, SlimPC, WBT (Windows-Based Terminal), CD/DVD/CD-RW, and PDA. The focus will be on great designs and enhanced feature sets at excellent prices. MSI™'s products are well known for their superior quality. Our R&D Department is dedicated to product research, development and design, aiming to bring high quality products to our customers.

In COMPUTEX Taipei 2001, MSI™ will bring you our latest innovations. We are presenting the newest feature - USB [PC2PC] Connection for our new motherboards. With Windows® 98/2000/Me, OS Mac and many different operating system environments that are currently existing, users just need to own MSI™ motherboard that supports this feature by using one USB cable. It can easily conduct Data Transfer, Back Up, Internet Access, Peripheral Sharing, Net Meeting, Ethernet Emulation, Home Networking and Mobile Computing with two computers. The USB [PC2PC] feature is easy to install, and provides the most cost-effective way to bring you the joy of networking. MSI™ is also introducing our another innovation-- the D-Bracket™. This single device makes finding and solving initial system problems extremely easy. All green lights mean you're ready to rock! The D-Bracket™ has a combination of 4 LED light signals that are either green or red, representing 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up. The different combinations of the green and red signals can be interpreted by checking with an included information table to determine the possible hardware problems. Dealing with computer hardware problems has never been so easy like this before.

Besides the above two new features for motherboards, MSI™'s new graphic cards will soon include the latest MSI 3D Turbo™ 2001 software, adding more features to the already powerful cards. The MSI 3D! Turbo™ 2001 provides a powerful and user-friendly interface, and automatically detects DDC2B supported video mode. Its protection feature allows the current setting to return to the previous one if not functioning in 10 seconds. The "Control" function allows users to adjust memory frequency, meeting the demand for higher working frequency environment. The eight desktop selections allow users to group icons of similar function workgroups together, simplifying desktop management.

Providing high quality assurance and customer trust has always been MSI™'s foremost goal. MSI™'s entire manufacturing & production process -- from the selection of parts, the preparation of materials, to the assembly of products - all have to go through various demanding automatic and manual inspection steps. All products must ultimately pass strict inspection by quality control personnel. This rigorous quality control system has enabled us to achieve an impressive yield rate of 99.6%, putting us far ahead of the industry average. In recent years, MSI™ received ISO-9002 and ISO-9001 international quality assurance certifications. Aiming for further excellence, in October 1999 we passed ISO-14001 environmental protection certification. Earning the confidence of our customers is the goal behind these efforts.

MSI™ now has subsidiaries and service centers located throughout the world in the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. Customers can place orders and direct any technical queries to these offices, including our Taiwan headquarters, knowing that they can receive timely, comprehensive services. Today we are pressing forward with the development of new products, including Motherboard, Graphic card, SlimPC, Barebone, Server, PDA, WBT, STB (Set-top Box),and multimedia drive. Looking ahead to the 21st century, we are making steady progress towards our goal of becoming one of the star performers in the high-tech industry, and hope to propel MSI and the industry in general to even more lofty heights in the years to come.

All in all, the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2001 is a great deal to see and enjoy. Please mark your calendar and plan to visit the MSI™ booth (Hall2, Booth F212) from June 4-8 in the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. We look forward to seeing you there and showing you all our wonderful products.