Novel AMD™ 760 Motherboard from MSI™ K7 Master

Latest Update: Mon, 27 Nov 2000

The outstanding R&D team of MSI™ introduces the novel K7 Master motherboard based on AMD® 760 chipset. The EXT. ATX architecture supports AMD® Duron™ and Athlon™ processors up to 1.2GHz on Socket. The one AGP Pro, one CNR and five PCI slots layout enhances data transfer rate and satisfies users' needs for further expansion. The four DDR-DIMM slots (2 Unbuffered DDR or 4 Registered DDR) support up to 4GM memory. The major features of K7 Master are:

Smart D-LED™
The latest extra-value tool from MSI™ with four LEDs to indicate sixteen common computer problems, as well as a voice mode to alert users of any troubles.

Ultra ATA100
To accelerate data transfer rate to enhance the overall PC performance.

T.O.P. Tech.™ III
Accurate detection of CPU, VGA / HDD and system ambient temperature and voltage to enhance system stability.

PC Alert™ III
To detect system working temperature, voltage, fan, HDD, memory and other key parts and components and to alert users for immediate management to reduce risks of parts damage.

Four USB Ports
Besides the two USB ports on the rear panel, users may connect two extra USB ports from the front panel with cords for connection of more peripherals.

Integrated Audio
DirectSound AC'97 support to save costs for sound card.

PC 99 compliant and PCI 2.2 certified.

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