MSI™ Launches New Intel® E7500 Motherboard E7500 Master-LS

Latest Update: Tue, 26 Feb 2002

In response to customer demands, MSI™ (Micro-Star International) is announcing a new full-featured motherboard product based on the Intel® E7500 chipset -E7500 Master-LS.

The E7500 Master-LS is of SSI EEB3.0 form factor and features Intel® Netburst™ architecture. The E7500 Master-LS is equipped with Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI and Dual Intel® Xeon™ Processor & Intel® Xeon™ Processors w/ 512k L2 Cache up to 2.2GHz and higher. The E7500 Master-LS motherboard provides 5 PCI-X slots, providing the greatest flexibility and expandability for add-on devices. The E7500 Master-LS also comes with 6 DIMM sockets supporting up to 12GB of system memory.

The main features of the E7500 Master-LS include:

Hyper-Threading Technology
The Intel® Xeon processor family also introduces the multithreading design techniques of Hyper-Threading Technology. This innovation allows an operating system to view a single physical processor as if it were two logical processors, significantly increasing server response time, transactions and workload performance. Hyper-Threading Technology can significantly improve the number of simultaneous web transactions and users that Intel-based servers can handle. The technology can also increase the speed and quality of multitasking capabilities for server users who run unique applications simultaneously.

Supports DDR SDRAM memory technology
The first in a family of Intel-based volume server chipsets, the E7500 enables twice the bandwidth over legacy SDRAM platforms. The new chipset will also accelerate memory access to increase platform performance and deliver new levels of performance for I/O intensive server applications.

Supports high levels of dual processing
Communication solutions such as load balancing, network security, traffic management, and Web Caching require more generous I/O throughput and memory performance.

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