South Korea continues to shine in eSports: KongDoo Panthera to rep the Asia at the Championship

Latest Update: Mon, 24 Oct 2016

The Asia region shows that Overwatch is indeed a global phenomenon.

KongDoo Panthera takes the Gold at the Asia Regional Finals to qualify for the Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Presented by MSI. South Koreans prove once again that they are indeed an eSports capital in the world with yet another milestone. They book their tickets to London after a dominating performance over Detonation Gaming Team 2 in the Best-of-Three Finals.

Sister teams KongDoo Panthera and KongDoo Uncia fought it out for the last slot in the Finals where the latter took the spoils in the back-and-forth series. KongDoo Uncia is composed of younger players but the difference in talent wasn’t apparent as they showed a deep understanding of the game. One of the best Overwatch players in the world, Korean hotshot ‘EVERMORE’ led the way for KongDoo Panthera. Perfect games on the Roadhog and Reaper across the tournament cemented EVERMORE’s place among the elite. Backing him up was top-tier Ana player ‘Bishop’ who was always on point with his healing snipes and Biotic Grenades.

Japanese organization Detonation Gaming Team 2 weren’t on anyone’s radar to be in the Finals but they made it against all odds. They had an awkward start to the tournament getting a default win over Korean side MVP.Space who was absent. Taking charge for the boys from the land of the rising sun was ‘Raguna’ on his signature Genji. The Japanese show the rest of Asia how to best play the Cyborg ninja. Helping him out was versatile Tank/DPS player ‘Skyfull’ complimented the team as necessary. Detonation Gaming 2 beat out the last Oceanic hope in Australian side Alter Ego to make it to the finals.

Day2 VOD:

In dramatic fashion, it was Japan versus South Korea in the Finals. The two have had a sporting rivalry since the 1950s that mainly revolved around football. Now, however, it was going to be in the world of Overwatch, with the winners picking up the bragging rights once again between the two East Asian countries.

While Detonation put up a worthy fight against KongDoo Panthera it was ultimately a futile effort for the Japanese. The difference in the quality of the players was too apparent as David was crushed by Goliath. Raguna and company tried their best but they could not get over the hump. EVERMORE presence was too much for Detonation and the Koreans took a very easy 2-0 win to cap off the tournament.

The Nano-Blossom
While Europe tried to spice things up with variety, the Asia Regionals stuck to the tried and tested. Reapers, Zaryas, and Anas were aplenty. They showed discipline to play what is relevant in the meta. Heroes such as Widowmaker and Junkrat weren’t shown any love.

The most common duo we saw at the Asia Qualifiers was the Reaper-Ana combo. Almost every team ran it at one point because it was so effective. Reaper’s Death Blossom already does so much damage on its own and Ana’s Nano Boost complements it perfectly. One of Reaper’s weaknesses is his horrendous movement speed and Ana helps him pull off a Death Blossom more efficiently. So much Play of the Games ended up with a Nano Boosted Reaper AKA the Nano Blossom.

Day1 VOD:

Speaking of duos we can’t forget about the Pharah + Mercy combination which also got a lot of love from the Asia region. Most maps favored in the Asia region featured wide and vertical maps like Hollywood and Dorado which were perfect for a hero like Pharah. Alter Ego’s ‘Nectar’ and ‘Kura’ were fairly effective with it in their runs in the sky until they ran into Detonation Gaming Team 2. Alter Ego ran the flying duo the most while the others ran it to positive effect albeit more sparingly.

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