MSI Mascot Wanted! Award: 1000 USD!

Latest Update: Tue, 13 Nov 2001

Purpose: Your creative talent is wanted for designing a mascot or a lucky symbol for MSI. The mascot should represent MSI's quality brand name and product lines and will be used in future promotional events. So, send us your best idea and the $1000 could be yours!

Eligibility: Any creative individual who loves to design at the computer.

How to enter: Contest entries will be accepted by email only. Please send your works to:

Entry period: Contest begins on November 20, 2001 and ends on December 20. 2001. No late entries will be accepted.

Contest Rules:
1. The MSI mascot should be 3D in design. Please use any 3D software program.
2. Please save your works in .jpg format and the file size should be within 2 MB. (Please compress your file to meet the requirement if necessary.)
3. Each submission should be accompanied by your original design idea, including the mascot's personality, height, weight, specialty, likes and dislikes, etc.

4. The design should display a clear link with MSI's brand name and corporate image.
5. Please include your name, contact address, telephone number, and email address in your submission.

Prize: Top prize $1000 will be awarded to the best designer.

Judging Criteria:
Corporate Image 30%
Creativity 20%
Function 20%
Aesthetic Appeal 20%
Overall Concept & Originality 10%

1. The winner's name will be announced on December 31, 2001 on MSI's website at
2. MSI will notify the winner via email.
3. All taxes on the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. (The winner will be responsible for a 20% grant tax, as subject to the Taiwan, ROC's tax law.)
4. All material submitted will become the property of MSI and will not be
5. MSI reserves the right to use the winner's name, without compensation, in
any advertising or publicity.
6. All MSI employees or affiliated company employees and members of their
families are excluded from entering the contest.
7. This contest is voided where prohibited by law.