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Latest Update: Mon, 24 Mar 2014

【Taipei, Taiwan】MSI, a leading manufacturer of motherboard and graphics cards, today announces the latest MSI “Precision Master” OC contest, hosted on HWBOT. The Precision Master OC Contest includes three benchmarks and overclockers are challenged to hit a specific target score in each of the stages. The winner is chosen amongst the people who hit the target. In case the target score was not achieved by anyone, the closest score is eligible. The target score cannot be exceeded. The prizes include the designated MOA 2013 motherboard, the MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX, and a MSI R7970 Graphics card. One Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard will be given away amongst all participants. Overclocking enthusiasts, don’t miss this!

Contest details
The contest starts from March 24 to April 14, and open for all HWBOT members.
Details please refer to the contest webpage:

Stage 1: 3DMark 06 (Mar 24 11:00 GMT+8 – Mar 30 10:00 GMT+8)
Stage 2: Heaven DX11 (Mar 30 11:00 GMT+8 – Apr 7 10:00 GMT+8)
Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike (Apr 7 11:00 GMT+8 – Apr 14 10:00 GMT+8)

Stage1: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard.
Stage2: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard.
Stage3: A MSI R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE graphics card.
Lucky draw: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard chosen amongst all participants.


MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard
MSI R7970 Graphics card

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