MSI™ K7T Pro2-A motherboard received high recognition around the world

Latest Update: Wed, 11 Apr 2001

9.5/10 - , U.S.A.
Super award -, Czech
Bit recommended award - BiT Magazine, Portugal
Bronze award - , Netherlands


MSI™ always has products of the highest quality. Our products consistently win honors in reviews and recommendations in the computer media. The MSI™K7T Pro2-A motherboard has again received high recognition from several professional product review web-sites around the world.
In January, 2001, K7T Pro2-A was given "Super" Award from in Czech and won the "Bit recommended" Award from BiT Magazine in Portugal. The editors remarked:

The features of the MSI™K7T Pro2-A motherboard include: Wake on LAN, Wake on Modem Ring, 4 USB ports - two of which are located on the back panel, an integrated AC'97 sound-card supported by a CT5880 chip, Power Failure Recovery, Suspend to RAM, RX/TX connectors for infrared, and start-up from the mouse, keyboard, or at a pre-set time. Hardware monitoring of fan speed, CPU temperature, and of voltages is also included as a standard feature of this PC99-compliant motherboard."

Thanks to its many functions - not the least of which include the ability to manually assign IRQs, to alter the Vcore and Vio voltages, its excellent software bundle, and high score & performance, we don't hesitate to award the MSI™K7T Pro2-A our best recommendations."

In the same month, the K7T Pro2-A earned the "Bronze" Award from in the Netherlands. The editor remarked:

MSI™ has included for overclocking and BIOS updating. The Live BIOS™ update software included with the K7T Pro2-A can automatically connect to the 'Net, download the latest BIOS revision, and flesh over the old BIOS for you. MSI™'s overclocking tool is called "Fuzzy Logic™3", it allows you to increase the FSB speed from within Windows. The software is even smart enough to gradually increase the FSB unit it starts to detect instability issues, and then back off to a safer level- yielding the maximum speed your setup can handle. That's not all, we really like MSI™'s patented D-LED™ technology, which comes on all of MSI™'s motherboards. It is great for helping to diagnose problems during system boot up. The price/performance really makes the board stand out of the competition."

In February 2001, the K7T Pro2-A once again was given 9.5/10 from in the United States. The editor wrote:

MSI™ is known to produce high quality products and K7T Pro2-A is no exception. The layout of the MSI™K7T Pro2-A is very well done. On the board, it features 6 PCI, 1 AMR, 3 DIMM slots, and a 4x AGP slot. In addition, the board supports ATA100, and comes with onboard AC'97 sound. The board has all the overclocking features needed for overclocking an AMD™ CPU. The most important being multiplier changing and Core tweak. The stability is one of the best I've ever experienced. The K7T Pro2-A is also one for the very few motherboards on the market which let you adjust the multiplier in the BIOS."

The MSI™K7T Pro2-A sets a new benchmark in PC performance and is optimized to take full advantage of the latest AMD™ processor technology. With a design rich in features and specifications, the K7T Pro2-A will surely be appraised by computer users.

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