MSI™ received excellent product review for MSI™ K7T266 Pro motherboard from Chip Online of Germany

Latest Update: Tue, 24 Apr 2001

Providing high quality products and excellent customer service has always been MSI™'s foremost goal. Based on the VIA® Apollo KT266 chipset, the newest K7T266 Pro motherboard from MSI™ provides the highest performance and the most scalable chipset solution for the latest AMD Athlon™ and Duron™ processors. With the capabilities to support the latest high-speed PC 1600/2100 DDR SDRAM and 4x AGP, the K7T266 Pro offers unprecedented advantages in graphics performance and I/O transfers. MSI™ always has products of the highest quality and the K7T266 Pro is no exception. The MSI™ K7T266 Pro has recently received " The Fastest Board for Athlons Yet " comment from Chip Online of Germany.

Editor from wrote, "The K7T266 Pro was the first production sample to make it into our testlabˇK. The problems different motherboard manufacturers obviously had with the new KT266 were hard to ignore. This definitely has changed now, and MSI™ should be really proud, as they have produced the K7T266 Pro, " the fastest board for Athlons yet ". More important than lauding MSI™ is the fact that the KT266 is very capable, and that it can satisfy all expectations."

MSI™'s K7T266 Pro motherboard is fully capable of delivering the high frequency and excellent performance of the AMD™ processors. The K7T266 Pro conforms to the Socket A ATX form factor and has a four layers board design. The KT266 chipset is an entirely new architecture design. Through its advanced V-Link memory controller architecture, the VIA® Apollo KT266 chipset supports the latest high-speed DDR200/266 SDRAM at a peak bandwidth of 2.1GB per second. These advanced memory technologies provide the bandwidth and performance necessary for even the most demanding Internet and 3D graphics applications at a minimal cost premium over PC133 SDRAM.
MSI™'s K7T266 Pro motherboard supports Ultra DMA33/66/100 standard, enhancing the overall system performance. The K7T266 Pro has a total of three DDR slots, and supports up to 3GB DDR SDRAM. By using one USB cable and the software included with the K7T266 Pro, users can easily conduct data transfer, Internet access, peripheral sharing, and on-line gaming. One-Touch-Install is another feature exclusively from MSI™. This unique feature makes installing all the drivers for MSI?'s motherboards, VGA cards, and PC2PC function extremely easy-- just one touch. In terms of expansion slots, the K7T266 Pro's 5/1/1(PCI/AGP/CNR) expansion slot design should be enough for most users. Look for overclocking support? With the help of the BIOS setup, users can tweak the FSB speeds and the CPU core voltage from within the BIOS. If you plan to upgrade your computer to a DDR system, the MSI™K7T266 Pro is your best choice for motherboard.

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Source: (Germany), April, 2001