Pro266 Master-R Motherboard---Excellent from MSI™ Hightec -- PC Direkt Germany. Magazine Best of Cho

Latest Update: Tue, 20 Mar 2001

Well known for providing high quality products to PC users, MSI™ consistently wins honors in reviews and recommendations in the computer media throughout the world. Based on the VIA® VT8633/VT8233 chipset, the MSI™ Pro266 Master-R has recently received high recognition from both PC Direkt Magazine (where Pro266 Master-R was given-" Hightec Award " and PC Magazine (where Pro266 Master-R was given-" Best of Choice Award " of Germany. The following are reviews from the magazine editors about our MSI™ Pro266 Master-R motherboard:

Editors from PC Magazine of Germany remarked: The MSI™ Pro266 Master-R performed very well in our test. Not only the board's stability looks very impressive, so does the whole package! For Intel users, the Pro266 Master-R has basic Socket 370 CPU support, which includes the Intel® Pentium™ III and VIA® Cyrix™ III Processors. In terms of expansion slots, the Pro266 Master-R's 5 PCI/1 AGP/1 CNR expansion slot design should be enough for most users. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to memory upgrades. The Pro266 Master-R supports three 184-pin DDR DIMM up to a maximum configuration of 3 GB and 168-pin SDRAM DIMM up to a maximum configuration of 2 GB.
The following test data reveals why the Pro266 Master-R earned PC Magazine's "Best of Choice" Award.

Total scores 10 pts. Performance scores 10 pts.(40%)
MSI™ Pro266 Master-R-------8.5 Epox EP-3VHA--------------------------------9.5
Epox EP-3VHA-------------------8.4 MSI™ Pro266 Master-R------ --------------9.4
Gigabyte GA-6R6----------------8.4 Chaintech 6VJD-------------------------------9.4
Chaintech 6VJD------------------8.2 Gigabyte GA-6R6-----------------------------9.3
Aopen AX37 Pro:----------------7.7 A open AX37 Pro-------------------------------9.0
Compatiblity scores 10 pts.(30%) Functionality Scores10 pts.(30%)
Aopen AX37 Pro-------------------9.0 MSI™ Pro266 Master-R--------------- 7.4
MSI™ Pro266 Master-R-------- -8.3 Gigabyte GA-6R6------------------------7.3
Chaintech 6VJD--------------------8.3 Epox EP-3VHA---------------------------7.1
Epox EP-3VHA---------------------8.3 Chaintech 6VJD--------------------------6.4
Gigabyte GA-6R6------------------8.3 Aopen AX37 Pro--------------------------6.2

Editors from PC Direkt Magazine of Germany remarked: MSI™ has produced a motherboard that offers Intel® based systems the opportunity to use the much talked about DDR RAM. The Pro266 Master-R is full of features. The Ultra ATA100 interface helps boost system performance by providing high-speed connection to the new generation of ATA 100 Hard Drive Drives. That's not all. The Pro266 Master-R also supports RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). It is designed to speed hard drive performance and to secure storage of data.

The following data shows why the Pro266 Master-R earned the editor's high recommendation and won the "Hightec" Award.

MSI™ Pro266 Master-R (370 scores of max. 400) Gigabyte GA-7DX(355 scores of max. 400)
Circuit board: 79 of 100 72 of 100
System: 200 of 200 200 of 200
Features: 71 of 80 71 of 80
Equipment: 20 of 20 12 of 20

Source: PC Magazine (Germany), April, 2001.
Source: PC Direkt Magazine (Germany), April, 2001.